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Listing and Transaction Management: We have 3 years of Real Estate Listing and Transaction Assistant experience, we can help with your vital office, listing and transaction tasks so that you have time to develop relationships with current clients, develop new clients, or maybe you just need more time to spend with family amd friends.

Realvolve:   Let us put our 2 years of Realvolve experience to work for you.  We will fully analyze your current Realvolve account, policies, procedures, client database, workflows and templates and learn how you would like the program to work for the way you do business.  We will then send you specific steps, tasks and information to help design the program around your client base and how you want to communicate with Clients, Vendors and Leads.   

Social Media and Online Listing Marketing: We will begin with an in depth study of your current website and social media accounts and strategies.  Then we will discuss recommended strategies and build a focused marketing plan to meet your business objectives.  We will help you discover the best procedures to keep your listings at the top of searches and in the minds of those in the local Real Estate market.  This plan will include numerous monthly targeted social media posts, paid advertisements with a personalized target market base, and timely responses to any customer comments and messages.
Kerry L. Phillips
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